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Commemorating the birthplace of Lourens van der Post. Laid out in 1998, adjacent to the NG Kerk on the main Street. The memorial was designed by architect Alida Stewart.

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A recent article in the Cape Argus, concerning the proposed expansion of the Cape Town International Convention Centre, described how it would set standards for GREEN buildings.

Aside from any aesthetic considerations,  it seems to me that there is quite a large question about the "green-ness" of reducing a large building to rubble rather than "re-cycling" it.
Now a system of GREEN GRADING is most desirable, and has at last arrived, but if it works so that people can do very BROWN things and then score up by buying in irrelevant GREEN POINT paint to "greenwash" their work, and more particularly their public images, then I think we have a problem.       "Hogwash" is not green.

Phillip Newmarch

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